Set 24, 2021

Patience and Persistence in Nation Branding

Nation Branding

Nation Branding

In the conference organized by aicep Portugal Global – Trade & Investment Agency (AICEP) dedicated to Portugal as brand, one of the key interventions arguments that countries need a positive a powerful image and governments are custodians of this image.

This image is built with nation branding, that is, marketing and communications to promote for tourism, investment and trade and the drivers of a country change are the landscape/culture; technological advance; hard power (population, land, etc.) and contribution for international community.

This latter aspect is one of the defining trends of nation branding. What is important is not what a country says, but what it does. What is the contribution of the country to the world, how it benefits peoples in other countries.

And this has to be done with a combination of doing with occasional communication. It has to be persistent and sustained without being boring about it.

An let us not forget that the challenges that define the age that we live in today cannot be addressed by a single country alone. And Portugal should ask itself as country what I wants to be and what the international community should be.

Never before have been so many challenges, and options. They imply a harmonization of policies and projects, with competition, and collaboration, between countries at the same time. And underlaying is the fact that the gold standard for global government is a global one.

Another decisive point is that doing the projects that are in tune with the strategy requires patient. There is no correlation between the money spent and the perception of a country. Brand promotion needs to encouraged and stimulated and nation branding has to be done beyond the corporate brands, done with ambassadors for image.

The attributes that make Portugal unique have to be promoted and governments need to magnets for people and talent to those attributes. And has an old proverb sates: there are two best times to plant a tree: 40 years ago and now. Let it be now. Count on us