Set 29, 2021

Vision for the future: strategic alliances for growth

Strategic Alliances

Strategic Alliances

The role in society and business dynamics of B2B companies, specifically exporters, are unquestionably unique and the present moment presents new challenges, namely in terms of managing the relationship with customers and other stakeholders, as well as how organizations can contribute in helping society and the business fabric to look to the future with added confidence, implementation capacity and focus. The feeling of resilience and transformation can thus spill over to companies, in order to help customers, consumers and society in general overcome the present situation.

By specifically highlighting B2B companies with a focus on exports, we know that the phenomena of valuing the offer produced in Portugal is understood as a way of showing a level of quality and innovation that rivals that of other geographies. In some sectors of activity, or better, in some market niches, the “made in Portugal” strategies have worked as a lever for promotion across borders.

Over the last months, among the capabilities and competences developed by SayU Consulting, the main focus is the specialization in B2B Communication trough the project  “Business-to-Business: Beyond Business Communication (B2B-BBC)”, which aims to understand, post-pandemic, how B2B companies involve their stakeholders, a topic unexplored, either in the academic world or in the communication consultancy market.

The ability to deliver global marketing strategies is increasingly important, given the internationalization of businesses and the globalization of markets. Achieving consistency in this international positioning can bring benefits, reinforcing a unique message and standardizing solutions. The biggest obstacle for any organization looking for a global presence is the risk of adopting a stereotyped approach when reaching consumers in other geographies. Although consumers in Portugal behave similarly to consumers in most of the European continent, this does not mean that the same generic marketing strategies can be applied without redefinition and reorientation.

SayU Consulting is the Portuguese representative of Evoke Network, an international network of independent B2B, PR and Digital Marketing agencies. Each agency that is part of the network is specialized in its own country and area of intervention. Together, the Evoke Network agencies ensure the delivery of integrated B2B Marketing strategies and PR campaigns in international markets.

Depending on specific needs, the local member of the Evoke Network acts as the lead agency for the project, leveraging the experience and localized services of partners in each country or region of destination. This approach creates a cohesive and highly effective solution, with an adaptation and implementation of the international business strategy at the local level, taking into account cultural, commercial or technical differences in each market.

An agency with a “local” dimension is able to identify and address specific challenges, reach certain segments of the public and address areas of activity with particular relevance, ensuring increased operational and commercial effectiveness. This is a crucial choice when selecting your Communication partner.