Jun 23, 2022

The Principles of B2B Partnerships

Being a B2B communications agency, we at Public Relations Portugal have to have a close relationship with our clients. This means that we have to keep ourselves to a professional code of conduct and meet expectations about expert communication that are the baseline of B2B Partnerships.

B2B Partnerships

However, there are some things that are universal, regardless of industry. Just like in personal relationships, some things are mandatory, and some are not, but strongly advised. The B2B PoP exists for this reason, to share guidelines about business cooperation. Knowing these can be highly beneficial for companies looking to establish long-running and healthy business relationships.

(Almost) Complete Clarity

This means for a company that they:

  • State clearly, who is responsible for a shared project;
  • Share base and potential costs upfront;
  • Disclose any current clients that might cause friction later;
  • Constantly give feedback about processes and results;
  • Require the same type of openness from their clients.

These steps are important, as Clarity not only builds trust, but eliminates problems caused by miscommunication. These are key factors in B2B partnerships, where communication is usually indirect, mostly happening between multiple people.

Clients Should Also Follow Suit

There is a huge responsibility on the clients’ side when it comes to business cooperation. Let us see what they can do to improve the process:

  • Share everything relevant that is already known by the company;
  • Be open about competition for the job;
  • Have a clear idea for a final budget;
  • Provide direct contacts responsible for the project;
  • Give complete authorisation when necessary;
  • State any woes or doubts as soon as they occur.

It is clear to see that the five keys of B2B communication are all parts of a healthy business-to-business relationship. Companies, agencies, and other organisations have to embrace them to strengthen their connections in their chosen industries.