Our services pursue the goal of providing organizations with solutions designed to each challenge, adding value, reputation and awareness to their brands.

Specific objectives demand the use of proper Public Relations, Marketing and Communication (PR, MKT and COMM) tools to ensure the message’s efficacy, combining functional approaches to guarantee fine results. 

Public Relations Portugal develops and implements PR, MKT and COMM strategies and actions based in creative and innovative concepts to distinguish an organization, namely foreign companies seeking to invest, promote and develop their products or services in Portugal. 

To help business development and thrive demands consistency, we work in PR, MKT and COMM in a genuinely integrated manner, with a creative and disruptive value proposal. 

Public Relations Portugal guides organizations to reassess relationships with all stakeholders to achieve results. 

Its intervention is surgical, personalized, and totally integrated and its methodology regards PR, MKT and COMM business enabling tools, aligned with the organization’s overall strategy and objectives. These tools support an organization’s commercial, marketing, communication and operations department, tailoring strategies that boost the team’s efficiency and sales capability. 

Our commitment is to optimize our client’s business development through personalized PR, MKT and COMM strategies built upon customized tools, innovative concepts and impacting actions, geared towards engagement and proximity, in person or at a distance, conquering reputation and achieving awareness. 

Organizational different objectives require the use of adequate platforms that ensure the message’s efficacy, combine functional approaches and guarantee effective results.   

Our agency services create an offer suitable for all brands and corporations looking for business development anywhere in Portugal.