Brand Activation

Brand Activation is the art of giving life to brands and promote the positive interaction between the brands and their audience. Its goal is to embody the brands in the real world e allow for experiences that promote the emotional involvement with the brand and lead to action.

Activation campaigns may assume different formats and cover several communication platforms. The main resources that are used in brand activation are emotional connections between the company and the client and the creation of extraordinary experiences, able to change the clients minds and lead them to acquire the products or services of the brand.

The brand activation may assume several formats, models and shapes, such as promotions, experience marketing, digital campaigns, or even free samples offering. To put a new endeavour in contact with the costumers demands market research e a number of efforts targeting. These efforts may be particularly tricky to brands that have registered recently because there are not old enough to have a basis for the best brand activation strategies.

This a process of experiences creation that determines, beginning with an interaction, that the relationship with a company becomes more than the mere recognition of its existence. Brand activation works in several fronts at the same time and has as an objective the promotion of a specific brand instead of others.

This promotion is aimed to increase the sales, entrench a market position or transform it in product, service or solution synonym. The purpose of Brand activation is to consolidate, in the mind of the consumer, client and audience, a positive sensation regarding a business.

The most important result of a Brand activation is the construction of a lasting relationship with the clients and prospects.  An that is the delivery of such a service by Public Relations Portugal. Because in In today’s complex environment, it can be daunting to obtain results without counting on a specialized intervention, with innovative methodologies and disruptive strategies implementation to help organizations and brands be noticed and become relevant.

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