Jun 24, 2022

Commercial Communication in B2B

In a B2B setting commercial communication has to be different compared to what it is like in the B2C market. It has to be more technical and less emotional, while still being engaging and convincing.

Commercial Communication

If Institutional Communication promotes the company itself, then Commercial Communication represents all the actions implemented to market a product or service. Its purpose is to develop sales and increase the turnover of the company.

What Is Commercial Communication?

Let is see what the official EU definition first. “Communication seeking to promote either products, services or the image of a company to final consumers and/or distributors.” With a bit of exaggeration we can say that most of us are under constant barrage of various forms of Commercial Communications. Advertisements became constant and intrusive parts of the postmodern existence, which led many to apathy.

It takes great effort today, to receive the average consumer’s attention; however in a B2B setting things might be a little different. Company decision makers are constantly on the lookout for good deals, newer technologies and rewarding partnerships. B2B businesses have the advantage of reaching out to costumers, who are might already interested in their service. Nonetheless, one should never forget that these people are also plagued by the same problems like everybody else.

Difficulties in B2B Commercial Communication

The B2B market also poses its own challenge. Potential customers are much more educated and considerate about their choices. Because of this, our communication has to be logical, efficient and compelling, as the people who listen to us are busy enough already. For this reason, the tools of Technical Communication have an integral part in B2B Commercial Communications as well. A great example of this is brand journalism or brand publishing.

In addition, anytime a company communicates with another, what they do is Commercial Communication in itself. Every email, report, study, event, conference and negotiation is a way to promote the company, to convince the other party to keep choosing us in the future. In this regard Commercial and Institutional Communication have fused together, as the representation of the company is a marketing message in itself.

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