Mar 25, 2024

How to Improve Relationships with Clients

In the B2B field relationships are everything. Without a strong connection between partners, cooperation cannot happen. This stands in the way of success. Companies need to know how to improve relationships with clients, otherwise, they will not have any.

How to Improve Relationships with Clients

Aprais is an international business relationship specialist, which focuses on agency-client partnerships. One of their recent studies show that Accountability plays a key role in improving relationships with clients.

What is Accountability?

Here, at Public Relations Portugal, we have already talked about Accountability in Communications, in the form of Clarity and Credibility. Because Accountability is the process of setting shared goals and achieving them. In B2B these goals have to be in line with a given company’s mission and goals. Otherwise, Cooperation cannot happen between partners.

The study shows that Accountability became an expectation from clients. Only functional ability to do the job is more important. Understandably. Thankfully, if the service is good, it is not that difficult to show Accountability.

Accountability and Cooperation

Companies can improve their Accountability in the following ways:

  1. Showing, and accepting responsibility for potential mistakes.
  2. Clarity in their communication, not only externally, but also internally.
  3. Having, and displaying knowledge about the client’s market and problems.
  4. Being open to cooperating with other agencies and partners of the client. In addition to letting them work with other ‘rival’ companies.
  5. Show a clear understanding, and expertise in the providing company’s own field.

To sum things up, companies should always have their client’s best interest in mind, above theirs. In addition to being clear and credible.

The Accountability of Clients

It is also important to keep in mind that in B2B, the ‘customer is not always right’. Clients should also be accountable, by following these steps:

  1. Provide professional, and complete briefs with clear goals.
  2. Involving the partner wherever they are needed, giving them enough insight, and to form valid criticism.
  3. Provide adequate staffing and attention to the project, that enables quick and efficient communication.
  4. Being honest about competing agencies.

Finally, it is important to note that these are just guidelines on how to improve relationships with clients. Thus, in practice, everybody has to make unique choices based on the given context.


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