Social Media & Online Reputation Management

Social Media & Online Reputation Management

Social Media & Online Reputation Management refer first of all to social media. Social media is a social structure composed of people or organizations connected by one or several kinds of relationships that share information, knowledge, interests, and the prospect of common goals. One of its characteristics is the openness that allows horizontal instead of hierarchical relationships between the participants.

Social media has been gaining a growing importance in modern society and with the different social media consumers are in permanent contact with the organizations and the brands. On account of this phenomenon, brands in the most diversified business areas understand that traditional marketing techniques are becoming less effective and more expensive. The reason is that the segmentation in “traditional” marketing is a lot less effective than digital marketing, and mainly social media marketing.

Social media has created a new way to explore the relationship dynamics between companies and their clients. Marketing communication on social media is more personal and interactive, but the tools used are more complex and harder for the average user to understand.

Professional management of social media marketing and communication requires study and knowledge, and the marketing and communication are in diversified channels, on a two-way path, through which the brand dialogues with its consumers and vice versa.

Online social media are an interaction platform with clients and prospects, promoting engagement and loyalty. They also allow for this interaction to be made in real time since the companies and their users are connected almost automatically.

As for Online Reputation Management, it can be described as a multi-faceted concept that is aimed at creating a positive public perception of a brand, business, or person. With Public Relations Portugal, reputation management includes monitoring reputation, addressing any content or customer feedback that could damage the brand, and using strategies to prevent and solve problems that could damage an entity’s reputation.

It is all about monitoring and managing your brand’s reputation across the web, about ensuring that your business is properly represented, and about leaving potential customers with a great impression of who you are and what you do.

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