May 28, 2024

What is Brand Activation and Why is it Important for a Business?

Brand Activation is the art of bringing brands to life and encouraging positive interaction between them and their audience. It also serves to consolidate a positive impression of a particular brand in the minds of the consumers and the public. It’s goal is to embody the brands in the real world and allow for experiences that promote emotional involvement with the company and lead to action.




What are brand activation campaigns?

Brand activation campaigns aim to give consumers experiences that promote emotional involvement with the brand and subsequently inspire action. These campaigns can take many forms, formats and cover various communication platforms. The key objective in these campaigns is creating emotional connections between the company and the consumers by creating an extraordinary experience capable of persuading the clients and eventually leading them to purchase.


Examples of brand activation

Brand activation can come in many forms and models, such as:

  • Promotions
  • Experience marketing.
  • Digital campaigns.
  • Interactive events.
  • Social media posts.
  • Influencer marketing.
  • Free sample.


Why implement a brand activation campaign?

Connecting a new venture with its potential consumers requires extensive and thorough market research, as well as targeting a series of efforts. This can be particularly tricky for new brands since they lack established relationships on which to base their strategies.

Brand activation works simultaneously on several fronts to enhance the visibility and promotion of a specific brand, often at the expense of its competitors. These strategies serve to increase salesconsolidate a position in the market, or establish a strong association to specifics product, services, or solutions. The key objective in any brand activation strategy is to build lasting and strong relationships with consumers and potential clients. We can also say it’s a process of experiencing the brand since it subsequently, beginning with an interaction, making the relationship with a company become more than a mere recognition of its existence.


In Public Relations Portugal we implement strategic marketing communication actions designed to transform the information perceived about products and services in terms of their attributes and positioning and this way enhance brand awareness. 


Ways to measure brand activation:

When implementing any type of strategy, it’s important to be able to monitor and evaluate its effectiveness and value to the company. To ensure that the campaign you’ve implemented works here are a few indicators that you can follow.


Client acquisition:

    • Has the number of potential leads increased?
    • Has the number of clients increased?
    • Has the number of purchases increased?
    • Has the total revenue increased?


    • Has the number of likes, comments, and follows on social media increased?
    • Has the number of mentions to your account increased?
    • Has the number of interactions with followers increased?

Live engagement:

    • Has the number of guests at events increased?
    • Has the number of participants increased?

Customer Satisfaction:

    • Has the number of positive reviews increased?
    • Has the number of feedbacks increased?
    • Has the customer lifetime value increased?
    • Has the number of returned clients increased?


If you are interested in this service, and implementing a campaign that will connect with your consumers, make sure to consult our portfolio.

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