Jun 19, 2022

Digital Transformation – How to Do It Successfully

With the rapid developments in all forms of technology, Digitalisation was inevitable. However the COVID-19 pandemic hastened the process considerably. Today, Digital Transformation is mandatory for all businesses. However, doing it successfully can be challenging.

digital transformation

Digital Transformation brought a radically new way of doing business in all industries. While it has a lot of difficulties it also brought a lot of undeniable advantages. For example, if done right, everything can be interconnected and integrated into one system. This leads to increased efficiency within a company, or in business relationships.

Digital Transformation in Communication

One of the biggest winners of the Digital Transformation were customers. Nowadays they are able to find every product, service and company online, and a wealth of information about them. A good example of this is how important reviews became in the context of Social Proof. Most buyers research companies online before making a purchase.

For this reason people expect online presence from companies. In 2022, if a company has no online presence, or if it is unprofessional, then they are good as done. Digital representation became the new norm for establishing Credibility.

However, companies can also reap the benefits of this process. There has never been this many platforms, channels and ways to reach customers. These modes of contact are not only numerous, but many of them are highly interactive and engaging. We can transport our customers into far-away parts of the world, without asking them to leave their homes.

Humanising Digital Transformation with Content

Unfortunately, Digitalisation lacks something crucial: the Human Element. Online interactions inherently miss it, no matter how hard they try to bring us closer. Is there any way to close this divide? Luckily, yes.

The best way to take for organisations is to focus on developing emotional and dynamic content that engages customers. Content has the ability to build Credibility, and to earn the Trust of customers. Through it we can present ourselves, our advantages, our values, our goals and actions. Content can also give voice to our stakeholders, for employees and customers both.

We have the ability to take everyone on wonderful journeys, we just have to gather insight on people’s needs. Digital Transformation made this much easier, with an almost infinite amount of live metrics, we just have to process them. Furthermore, Social Media provides a never before seen platform for conversation between companies and their customers or partners.