Jun 23, 2022

PR Technologies and Trends for the Future

PR came a long way in the past decades. The 21st century brought a vast amount of innovation in rapid succession. It is up to industry professionals to select those that are most suitable for them. As PR technologies will continue to evolve, and we have to follow them.

PR technologies

Let us see how can novel technologies help Public Relations. However, before we do that, it is important to note something. Technology alone is enough, telling stories in b2b communication – or in any other scenario – will always be important.

AI Chatbot for Health

Chatbots can be a big pain in our butts, especially when they are the ones doing customers service for a large company. However, they can be extremely beneficial when it comes to health problems. Unfortunately, sometimes an illness can be so taboo that people are even afraid of talking to a doctor.

This is where a pharmaceutical company’s chatbot can come into the picture. One that is well versed in the subject, and can answer the most important questions about the illness. This way patient can skip the nerve-wracking experience of Google searching their symptoms. In addition to providing emotional support and help.

Mental Mapping Technologies

Sometimes PR professionals lack the insight they need to reach their audiences. Search analysis technologies can fill up this gap, by providing potential, and very specific keywords. Why does this matter? Well, if we stick to the topic of taboo illnesses, then we can easily see why.

Being able to provide an answer to panicking people’s hastily written questions can be a game changer. In this case it is not about selling another fast fashion item, it is about helping others. Google searches can lead people down on a really dangerous path of hopelessness and isolation.

Extreme Quickness

The extremely quick nature of our world makes it almost necessary to use these technologies. Industries, societies evolve and transform at neck breaking speeds. AI and analysing software aids Public Relations to keep up with these processes, thus, new PR technologies will surely emerge.